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​What is a Medical Exercise Specialist?

A Medical Exercise Specialist is a certified personal trainer who customizes fitness programs for clients with post rehab conditions, to effectively improve their health and wellness using safe, carefully thought out strength, flexibility and cardiovascular training programs to manage the transition from rehab to post rehab and fitness goals. .

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To help with the school and gym closures, the work from home parents and those in isolation during this difficult time, we are going to post on our site and social media Facebook and Instagram all classes offered by Rehab Focused Fitness and Peanuts At Play. Join us by Skype for each scheduled class each week or complete your workout when you can for the reply on these sites. For questions comments or concerns feel free to contact us at christine@rehabfocusedfitness.org.

I know how busy life can get, I understand that an injury or illness can stop life completely, I am aware how hard and scary it is to stay motivated on your own through a rehab and post rehab process and the transition from rehab to function.  That’s why I offer many different options to suit your needs and budget from one on one personal training and nutrition coaching to group classes and online programs. If you’re local to the Airdrie, AB area we offer in person training and classes or if you live far enough away online training.  Don't allow acute or chronic illness or injury stop you. If you need help through a rehab process or guidenence through the transition to post rehab and function Rehab Focused Fitness is the best choice for your complete wellness.

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